2nd Edition Now Available


Praise for the 1st Edition

“We need this book for self-defense.”

“For those with multiple chemical sensitivity, this book is a survivor’s guide, full of practical suggestions and inspiration. For others, it offers a better understanding of MCS by skillfully blending science with the human side of this complex and often baffling illness.”

“Professor Gibson has written a book of solid scholarship and compassionate understanding about an illness that desperately needs both. This is a highly readable work offering inspiration and a wealth of knowledgeable advice to those afflicted with this difficult and frequently misunderstood modern health problem. It is a remarkable thing: A book about MCS by a psychologist who knows that the illness is not psychological.”


Thanks to all our volunteers.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the studies of the JMU MCS Research Team. Please check the Current Studies page on the MCS Research website for our current opportunities.